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UPDATE: I plan to work on an updated edition covering version 3 of Nagios. I will be including many of the recommendations submitted over the past 2 years plus some new sections. The upcoming edition will also cover installation on the latest versions of FreeBSD and Ubuntu.

This guide was initially written when there wasn’t many printed guides available, luckily there are many options. Here are the titles that I’ve read and highly recommend. Each title has slightly different coverage of the topic of network monitoring and Nagios, although they’re all excellent.

(Note: the links above take you straight to Amazon)

Here you can view or download the free eBook titled “The Nagios Book” by Chris Burgess. The book walks the reader through setting up a Nagios server from scratch. There are a few areas that are still being worked on and need content (read: it’s very rough!). It’s open to the public since it still might help some people, even in it’s current form.

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The Nagios Book

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